Get your geek on: handling data for ensemble forecasting


There’s something about discussions of data handling that’s particularly soporific – but don’t nod off yet! Most hydrologists are trained to work on individual catchments and we often opt for simple conceptual models. In the pre-ensemble era, we […]

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Drought forecasting isn’t just about water – to get smart we need health and financial data too


The Millennium Drought taught Australians many lessons about living under extremely dry conditions – not just about how to conserve water, but also about human suffering. In a drought, farmers find it more difficult to make an income, […]

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Was Tasmania’s summer of fires and floods a glimpse of its climate future?


Drought, fires, floods, marine heatwaves – Tasmania has had a tough time this summer. These events damaged its natural environment, including world heritage forests and alpine areas, and affected homes, businesses and energy security. In past decades, climate-related […]

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Ray Leuning


Ray Leuning 23 October 1948 – 12 February 2016 Dr. Ray Leuning was one of the foundational members of the eddy covariance flux community and a driving force behind the establishment of TERN OzFlux. Ray was an inspirational […]

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