OzEWEX project data

Below is a listing of data sets developed through OzEWEX activities and available from this web site. For a much more comprehensive listing of relevant climate and water data available anywhere, visit the OzEWEX Data Catalogue.


In situ network station locations with major Köppen climate zones (Bureau of ...Soil Water Estimation and Evaluation Project (SWEEP) daily soil moisture data

The OzEWEX Soil Water Estimation and Evaluation Project compiled measured and estimated near-surface soil moisture estimates obtained by a range of methods.The SWEEP soil moisture data set version 1.0 contains daily estimates and observations for the period 2001-2014, as described in Holgate et al. (2016)Data is in zipped csv format (1.7 MB) available via this linkhttp://www.ozewex.org/data/SWEEP.v1.0.zip