2014–15 WIRADA annual research report now available


The Water Information Research and Development Alliance (WIRADA) 2014–15 annual report details the outcomes of a $5 million dollar investment by the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO. The Alliance delivered 11 journal papers, 27 conference papers and 21 technical reports in 2014–15, for research in water informatics, water resource assessment modelling and streamflow forecasting.

Highlights and achievements include:

    • A final standard (WaterML2.0 Part 2) for adoption by the Open Geospatial Consortium to describe, share, and access rating tables, stream gaugings and cross-sections.
    • Work towards new standards for the exchange of groundwater features (aquifers, boreholes, wells, construction components, etc.) and observations.
    • A new version (v5.0) of the Australian Water Resources Assessments (AWRA) modelling system that successfully couples landscape and river modelling components. The model incorporates improvements to the landscape modelling component, and an extended river model for catchment headwaters. The Bureau is currently implementing the models operationally into a unified system based on the Python language.
    • A new staged error-modelling approach that corrects long-term biases, updates model forecasts using recent prediction errors, and describes the distribution of residual errors. The Bureau is adopting this error-modelling approach as it transitions the new 7-day streamflow forecasts service to produce ensemble forecasts.
    • An improved and simplified Forecast Guided Stochastic Scenarios (FoGSS) model forseasonal streamflow predictions, which now requires fewer parameters. Its performance has been successfully evaluated in 63 catchments including a number of intermittent systems. Computer code for the model is now with the Bureau for operational deployment.

View the 2014–15 WIRADA annual report

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