2014 Australia’s third-warmest year on record

Thumbnail image of Annual Climate Report 2014 coversource: Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau’s Annual Climate Report 2014 confirms that 2014 was Australia’s third-warmest year on record, with a national mean temperature 0.91 °C above average. 

Warmer temperatures were widespread, with multiple nationally significant heatwaves and several severe bushfires. The abnormal warmth peaked in spring, which was the warmest on record for Australia as a whole.

Map of Australia showing mean temperature deciles for 2014. Follow link to Annual Climate Report for more information.
Annual mean temperature deciles 2014 (based on a 104-year climatology of gridded data for 1911–2014).

Australia’s national mean rainfall was slightly above average at 483.5 mm (18.3 mm above the long-term average of 465.2 mm). Parts of the eastern States and the west coast of Western Australia experienced below-average rainfall, while some areas (particularly in the northwest) had above-average rainfall for the year.

Map of Australia showing rainfall deciles for 2014. Follow link to Annual Climate Report for more information.
Annual rainfall deciles 2014 (based on a 115-year climatology of gridded data for 1900–2014).

The year was marked by a number of significant storms—including East Coast Lows that brought storm damage and flooding. The costliest thunderstorm of 2014 hit Brisbane in November, causing more than $1 billion in damages, mostly as a result of large hail.

An official record of the previous year’s climate, the Annual Climate Report analyses Australia’s rainfall and temperature patterns, and documents significant weather and climate events.

Find the full report on the Bureau’s website

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