CMRSET satellite evapotranspiration

  The CMRSET product provides estimates of actual (not potential) evapotranspiration based on MODIS reflectance and short wave infra-red data, and gridded meteorological surfaces. User’s are cautioned that these data products are still under test and may change with little notice. Please note that the data provided here has been “bias corrected”. The full reference for the CMRSET algorithm is: Guerschman J.P., van Dijk, A.I.J.M., Mattersdorf, G., Beringer, J., Hutley, L.B., Leuning, R., Pipunic, R.C. and Sherman, B.S. (2009), Scaling of potential evapotranspiration with MODIS data reproduces flux observations and catchment water balance observations across Australia. Journal of Hydrology, 369, 107-119.    


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