CosmOz Newsletter, June 2013

CosmOz workshop

The 3rd CosmOz workshop was held in Brisbane on the 22nd and 23rd of May. The aim was to get interested parties and probe managers together to talk about where we have got to with the CosmOz network over the last couple of years. Trenton Franz from the University of Arizona attended the workshop and gave a great summary of the state of play of the American COSMOS network and recent advances in application of the method. Probe managers gave a report back on probe performance and interesting uses of the data and this stimulates some great discussions. Interesting applications of data included monitoring biomass changes, deriving large scale soil hydraulic properties, quantifying surface runoff, validation of remotely sensed soil moisture products and irrigation scheduling.  We also had some great discussions around linking with larger networks like OzFlux and the TERN supersites. A collaborative paper with the US network comparing fluxes (AmeriFlux and Ozflux stations) with estimates from cosmic-ray probes has been initiated.


We are thankful to the Earth Observation and Informatics Transformational Capability Platform for funding for the workshop and costs for visiting scientist, Trenton Franz.



CosmOz data portal

In collaboration with the US COSMOS network we have now developed a new data portal for delivering data from our cosmic-ray probes. The new data portal can be accessed here and an screenshot of the CosmOz page is shown below. Data on the portal is updated hourly and can be delivered in many formats and at varying degrees of processing ranging from raw data to calibrated soil moisture estimates. The new portal, which is hosted by the University of Arizona, also provides access to a growing number of cosmic-ray probes sites from around the world.



Publications list

New papers recently published:

·       Chrisman, B. and Zreda, M. 2013 Quantifying mesoscale soil moisture with the cosmic-ray rover. HESS Discussion paper


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