New CosmOz soil moisture data portal

by Dave McJannet and Aaron Hawdon (CSIRO)

The new data delivery system offers an easy way to access data from the Australia-wide network of cosmic-ray sensors in near real time. The new system provides access to the raw data and also processes the data and applies corrections automatically. The end result is quality controlled soil moisture information that is publicly available via

The system was built by James Cook University undergraduate student Lachlan Robertson while working at CSIRO as a vacation student. There are 4 data levels available and these will appeal to users of a range of expertise and interests:

    • Level 1 data is basically the raw data as it comes in from the sensor but with flags added to indicate data quality
    • Level 2 data includes values for vapor, pressure and cosmic-ray intensity corrections and the final corrected neutron count value
    • Level 3 data includes hourly soil moisture, measurement depth and rainfall values
    • Level 4 data is the same as level three but any data flagged as poor quality are removed. This is the bee’s knees data that most end users will be interested in! This data is also used for our visualisations.

source: CosmOz Soil moisture monitoring network 2015 email Newsletter


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