Drier than normal season likely for parts of central and eastern Australia

Bureau of Meteorology, National rainfall outlook for July to September

Probability of exceeding median rainfall - click on the map for a larger version

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts that a drier than normal season is more likely for parts of central and eastern Australia, while a wetter than normal season is more likely for eastern Tasmania. 

The chances of receiving above median rainfall for July to September are less than 40% over parts of the northern WA interior, the southern NT, the southern two-thirds of Queensland, and most of NSW. Chances are lowest in the inland northeast of NSW, where there is a less than 30% chance of above average rainfall. In other words, this means the chances of below average rainfall is greater than 60% in these areas. For every ten July to September outlooks with similar odds to these, about three or four of them would result in above-average rainfall over these areas, while about six or seven would be below average.

Over the rest of the country, there is no significant shift in the odds towards either a wetter or drier than normal season; the main exception is an increased chance of a wetter season over parts of Tasmania.

Read the full national rainfall outlook



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