CABLE workshop report

workshop report, 3 December 2014

The CABLE land surface modelling community held its annual face-to-face meeting at ANU on December 3. Aside from brief talks updating issues relevant to CABLE’s management process, and a few key research findings using CABLE throughout the year, the meeting was based around two discussion sessions. The first focused on identifying known weaknesses with CABLE – in particular, instances where CABLE tended to over-predict latent heat flux – the other focused on benchmarking. The benchmarking session tried to catalog existing approaches that users had to benchmarking or evaluating different aspects of CABLE, and the degree to which these approaches might lend themselves to inclusion in an automated scientific test suite. The ultimate goal of this process is to produce a test suite that covers the major process representations within CABLE at a range of temporal and spatial scales, and that is relatively simple and fast to run. This would then be used not only for an individual’s testing as they develop aspects of CABLE, but also to aid the CABLE Committee’s decision making when assessing proposed changes to CABLE. Presentations and discussion notes are available on the CABLE Workshop 2014 TRAC page at NCI.


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