Goyder Institute Climate Change Projections Stakeholder Workshop

The Goyder Institute recently held a Climate Change Projections Stakeholder Workshop on Wednesday 27th November in the Learning Centre at SA Water House on Victoria Square, Adelaide. The workshop was facilitated by consultant Damien Moloney and more than 50 representatives from Government, industry and educational institutions attended. The program focused on presenting the latest data on climate change projections and how best to disseminate that information.

The day began with new Goyder Institute Director, Michele Akeroyd providing an overview of the Institute and associated work to date with an outline of the expected workshop outcomes. Her introductory talk was followed by an excellent presentation on the Climate Change Projections project itself headed up by team leader Prof. Simon Beecham from UniSA. Subsequent presenters concentrated on climate change adaptation and effective data representation.

Key messages in relation to downscaled climate change projections applicable for most of South Australia to come from the morning session were:

  • Temperature is projected to increase in all seasons;
  • There will be more hot days and fewer very cold days;
  • Winter rainfall is likely to decline in the future;
  • The projected summer rainfall change is uncertain;
  • Extreme rainfall intensity will increase; and
  • Natural rainfall variability will continue in the future and may mask any trend in average rainfall for decades to come, particularly in the summer season

After hearing these key general messages based on the latest scientific research, attendees assembled into small groups and provided their thoughts on questions centred around:

  • Basic data presentation and interpretation; i.e. best way to present climate change data
  • Optimising user uptake; i.e. improved technical analyst / end user interaction
  • Future engagement; i.e. which way forward to get the message out

As can be expected from such broad questions, feedback was both informative and varied with a number of recurring themes standing out – all comments were collated and have been sent back to participants for their information. It became obvious that some form of ‘strategy’ is clearly required to make the most effective use of all the important work that has been completed so far. A working group has subsequently been established and is producing a program to develop and deliver a communication strategy for climate change projections. The Stakeholder Workshop finished with the afternoon session being a series of highly technical presentations on hydrology.


For more information on this workshop email: enquires@goyderinstitute.org

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