Special Issue on Australian Natural Hazards

by Seth Westra, OzEWEX

The OzEWEX Trends and Extremes working group has recently been invited to prepare a Special Issue for the Springer journal Climatic Change, on the topic: Historical and possible future climatic changes to the frequency and severity of Australian natural hazards”. The Special Issue will provide a comprehensive review of our present understanding of the role of climate variability and change on Australian natural hazards, while also identifying critical scientific questions that will require a concentrated research effort by the Australian research community over the coming decade.

The Special Issue is being guest edited by Drs Seth Westra, Chris White and Anthony Kiem, and will cover the following natural hazards: 

  1. Floods (lead author: Fiona Johnson);
  2. Droughts (Anthony Kiem);
  3. Coastal Extremes (Kathy McInnes);
  4. Bushfires (Jason Sharples);
  5. Heatwaves (Sarah Perkins);
  6. Cold Extremes (Steven Crimp) and
  7. Wind and Hail (Kevin Walsh).

A total of 42 researchers with expertise spanning fields including meteorology and climate science, hydrology, oceanography, palaeontology, geography, engineering and statistics will be contributing to the Special Issue across nine universities as well as the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO. 

If you would like any more information on the Special Issue please contact Seth Westra.


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