TERN seeks feedback on its draft future strategy

TERN has released its draft strategic framework to outline what TERN currently does, what impact it has had, key themes, prioritised opportunities for consolidation and expansion (into new areas and capabilities), and its vision for ecosystem science in 2025.

The draft framework can be downloaded here.

To ensure TERN is in the best position to make this vision a reality, the strategic framework is being further developed into a detailed 10-year science plan. TERN is currently seeking input from stakeholders in the ecosystem science community, government and industry to guide its future activities. We are conducting a brief survey (<10 questions) to inform the development of the detailed science plan. To have your say on TERN’s future, please complete the survey by Friday 30 September 2016.

Take the brief survey here.

Also, feel free to provide feedback and discuss the draft framework on this page. We would appreciate hearing what you think on issues such as:

To understand and track changes over time in each of the themes outlined in the strategic framework (land cover, biodiversity, carbon stocks and cycles, and productivity):

· What capabilities do you think are required (e.g. informatics, remote sensing, flux towers, modelling, site-based networks)?
· What spatial coverage is required? How would the continent best be stratified for placement of infrastructure?
· Is there anything missing from the framework?

Thank you for participating.


Original article posted on TERN website, August 2016 (Link)

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