Understanding the water impacts of mining and coal seam gas

source: Bureau of Meteorology

To better understand the potential impacts on water from coal seam gas and large coal mining developments, scientific investigations—calledbioregional assessments—are under way in 13 locations across Australia.

Bioregional assessments will, for the first time, bring together all the relevant, available scientific information for specific locations to produce customised reports, maps, models, and data registers. 

Thumbnail image showing selected bioregions. Follow the link to bioregional assessments website.

These products are released as they are finalised, providing an increasing supply of information to all interested parties. 

Context statements summarising existing information about the geography, geology, hydrogeology, hydrology and ecology are available for seven locations. Coal and coal seam gas resource assessments—summarising what is known about coal and coal seam gas resources and developments—have been published for six locations.

The bioregional assessments are not regulatory decisions, but aim to help regulators understand potential impacts on water resources and water dependent assets, such as wetlands or irrigation areas, when considering potential coal seam gas and coal mining developments. 

The Independent Expert Scientific Committee on Coal Seam Gas and Large Coal Mining Development will also use the assessments in the advice it provides to Australian, State and Territory government regulators on the water-related impacts of development proposals.

The assessments are being delivered though a collaboration between the Department of the Environment, the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, and Geoscience Australia.

For more information, go to the bioregional assessments website

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