AEOCCG Technical Capacity Building Webinar: Accessing the Australian Geoscience Data Cube

In the second of the AEOCCG Technical Capacity Building Webinar series, Alexis McIntyre of Geoscience Australia (GA) demonstrates how to access the Australian Geoscience Data Cube using the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI). The AEOCCG technical capacity building webinars aim to share information with the Earth observation community on the access and use of Earth observation data collections and infrastructure across Australia. These webinars provide hands-on demonstrations of the technology and data available, and include links to further information.

The Australian Geoscience Data Cube provides an integrated gridded data analysis environment for decades of analysis ready earth observation satellite, and related data from multiple satellite and other acquisition systems. It hosts the Australian Landsat Archive and other national Earth Observation collections, alongside access to gridded datasets such as rainfall and elevation. By the end of this AEOCCG Technical Capacity Building webinar you will be able to access national collections of Earth Observation data on the NCI, and use the Australian Geoscience Data Cube in a virtual desktop environment on the NCI.

To access a recording of the webinar please visit the AEOCCG webinars and presentations page.



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