WG1 – Members


  • Chris Rudiger, Monash University
  • Marta Yebra, Australian National University


  • Mark Adams, University of Sydney
  • James Cleverly, University of Technology Sydney
  • Derek Eamus, University of Technology Sydney
  • Juan Pablo Guerschman, CSIRO Land and Water
  • Alfredo Huete, University of Technology Sydney
  • Sandra Monerris-Belda, Monash University 
  • David McJannet, CSIRO Land and Water
  • Stuart Phinn, University of Queensland
  • Natalia Restrepo-Coupe, University of Technology Sydney
  • Bellie Sivakumar, University of New South Wales
  • Albert van Dijk, Australian National University
  • Eva van Gorsel, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
  • Jeff Walker, Monash University
  • Andrew Western, Melbourne University













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