WG2 – Members

Chair: Dr Gab Abramowitz, University of New South Wales (homepage)


  • Barry Croke, Australian National University
  • Beth Ebert, Bureau of Meteorology
  • Jason Evans, University of New South Wales
  • Andrew Frost, Bureau of Meteorology
  • Juan Pablo Guerschman, CSIRO Land and Water
  • Anthony Kiem, University of Newcastle
  • Rachel Law, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research
  • Valentijn Pauwels, Monash University
  • Adam Smith, Bureau of Meteorology
  • Matt Stenson, CSIRO Land and Water
  • Albert Van Dijk, Australian National University
  • Neil Viney, CSIRO Land and Water
  • Jeff Walker, Monash University
  • Garth Warren, CSIRO Land and Water
  • Qiang Yu, University of Technology Sydney


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