What we do

The main purpose of OzEWEX is to provide a coordinated environment to encourage collaboration among researchers and research users that achieves benefits for the individuals involved, while at the same time working towards the OzEWEX objective.

You can find our 2014-2019 Science Plan here.

An important pathway to our goal is by increasing data sharing, communication, discussion and collaboration within the water and energy research community.

Typical activities include:

  • collation and sharing of observation and model data;
  • organising workshops, courses and summer schools;
  • joint scientific experiments and their publication;
  • joint synthesis, statements, and reports;
  • endorsement, advocacy and support for funded proposals
  • web-based research infrastructure, dissemination and brokering (e.g. a data portal)

We welcome your ideas!

If you would like to propose any activity under OzEWEX auspices we would love to hear about it. Just contact OzEWEX or one of our working group chairs.

Where beneficial, there is no impediment for OzEWEX activities to be organised under the primary or additional auspices of more than once science organisation or program, or be formally recognised as a contribution to these. This can include participating organisations and initiatives in Australia, projects within international science programs or professional membership associations.


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