Working Group 1 initial meeting

On Friday 15 of February most of the members of the working group 1 (Observational Data) had their initial meeting. Minutes of the meeting copied below. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of this working group please email 

The group also established an email list for announcements and discussions. 


Attending: Juan Guerschman, Eva Van Gorsel, Marta Yebra, Albert Van Dijk, Stuart Phinn, Alfredo Huete, Natalia Restrepo, David McJannet, James Cleverly, Jeff Walker.

Apologies: Rachel Gilmore, Derek Eamus, Sivakumar Bellie, Andrew Western,

Absent: Mark Adams,

Intro: Albert gave overview of OzEWEX. Main goals are sharing of knowledge, fostering collaboration. Not able to provide funding.

Expectations /role: discussion around the use of the OxEWEX page/wiki for sharing new datasets and publications. All strongly encouraged to look at examples in . Ppl can upload by themselves, also can email Juan Guerschman for help. Monthly Newsletter highlights articles featured in webpage

Stuart Phinn highlighted the importance of having the community voicing what are the needs in terms of data and research. Stuart Phinn offered to write post showcasing TERN datasets and ways to access them. 

Replacement for Eva Van Gorsel as Co Chair. As both chair and co-chair belong to CSIRO Eva offered to step down and leave room for someone else to do. Jeff Walker asked Alessandra Monerris (Monash Uni) and she accepted. Welcome Alessandra and thank you!!

Other business: Agreed to have another phone hookup in a month time to monitor progress. Opportunities for face-to-face meeting open, may happen later in the year. Ideas welcome!

(after meeting concluded): CSIRO participants discussed ways to establish an email discussion forum. As the OzEWEX doesnt offer such facility Juan Guerschman suggested google groups. It provides flexibility in the way people receive updates (every email, daily digest, only web reading). Will check with participants and set up a google groups if there are no objections.


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