Full, Supplementary and Exchange PhD Scholarships in Water and Landscape Dynamics

The Fenner School of Environment & Society at The Australian National University welcomes applications from highly qualified and motivated PhD candidates for research on water and landscape dynamics.


Professor Albert Van Dijk’s research team develops new methods to monitor, quantify and forecast water resources, natural hazards such as drought and bushfires, and landscape health and function. 

Our research typically involves a combination of Earth observation and biophysical modelling, and can include a field research component.

As part of the research team, you will shape your own research project on an agreed topic. The supplementary PhD scholarship includes $8,000 tax free annually. Candidates without a base PhD scholarship may instead apply for a full scholarship of $26,000 annually. Both scholarships include $5,000 in operational funds. We will also consider requests for support for a study exchange of at least 6 months by PhD students already enrolled at another university in Australia or elsewhere.

The Fenner School of Environment and Society has a large and dynamic community of PhD students with access to modern office facilities and computer support. The Water and Landscape Dynamics team collaborates closely with the CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, Geosciences Australia and other government agencies, as well as with academic experts in Australia and internationally. Students are encouraged to collaborate widely and attend national and international conferences.

Application deadline: 31 July 2014.

Further information, including possible research topics and instructions on how to apply can be found on http://www.wenfo.org/wald/opportunities/


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