Call to action: long-term planning for Australian ecosystem science

As 2013 draws to a close, progress in developing the Ecosystem Science Long-Term Plan (ESLTP) has stepped up a notch with the release of an online survey to gather your ideas, completion of the first town hall workshop, and announcement of the first dates for nationwide town hall workshops in February-March 2014.

TERN is pleased to be working closely with the Ecological Society of Australia and Australian Academy of Sciences to enable the collaborative development of this new long-term Plan in a way that engages the entirety of our diverse ecosystem science community. The Plan will identify key directions for building and sustaining Australian ecosystem science long into the future – something that we’re all passionate about.

The last month has seen a flurry of activity towards the Plan, starting with the release of an online survey to gather ideas from across the ecosystem science and management community. The development of the ESLTP is intentionally open, transparent, and inclusive, and this survey is the first avenue for everyone to have their say and contribute their ideas for the future of Australian ecosystem science and management.

Since opening in mid-November, responses to the survey have come in from all States and Territories, with respondents identifying themselves from a range of organisations including local, state and federal government agencies, universities, and private industry. The survey is open until January 17, so there is still plenty of opportunity for people to contribute through this means.


Click here to take the survey, and make sure to share the link with your colleagues too.

read more on this TERN web site.

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