Climate and Water Summer Institute Symposium

The Australian Climate and Water Summer Institute is a six-week event (7 December 2017­­ – 2 February 2018) during which several of the most talented Australian students and early career researchers work in teams with experts from a consortium of government and research organisations, to enhance climate and water information and its practical applications (more information here). The Summer Institute Symposium provides an opportunity for the teams to present and discuss their project results with other researchers and includes presentations by the participants’ academic home advisors and lunch lectures by visiting academics Dr Mirela Tulbure (UNSW) and professor Albrecht Weerts (Deltares and Wageningen University, Netherlands).

This is a free public event. Registration is not required. For enquiries, contact:

Thursday 1 February 2018

Room F102, ANU Forestry Building

10:30     Shuci Liu, Jennifer Wurtzel, Rong Gan  (Summer Institute) Land surface phenology during the drought in the Murray Darling Basin based on remote sensing data

11:15     Dr Patricia Saco (Newcastle Uni) Eco-hydro-geomorphic feedbacks and degradation thresholds along a precipitation gradient in semiarid-Australia

12:00     lunch lecture: Dr Miranda Tulbure (UNSW) Spatiotemporal analysis of surface water and vegetation dynamics in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin

13:00     John Awad, David Bretreger, Juan Quijano (Summer Institute) Remote sensing for water extraction compliance monitoring

13:45     Dr Dongryeol Ryu (Uni Melbourne) Very-high resolution remote sensing of vegetation and land surface parameters

14:15     Lilia Liu, Jie He, Tian Hu (Summer Institute) Agriculture water stress monitoring based on Himawari-8 data

15:30     Jie Jian, Ning Liu  (Summer Institute) Impacts of land cover change and climate change on peak flows in a typical catchment using (semi-) distributed AWRA-L model

16:15     Dr In-Young Yeo (Newcastle Uni) An integrated data and model approach toward effective water resources management at the local catchment scale

Friday 2 February 2018

Room F102, ANU Forestry Building

9:15       Melanie Loveridge, Bex Dunn, Yiling Liu  (Summer Institute) The Real-time Portal for Practical Applications (RIPPA): A current operating picture dashboard to improve decision making for river operators

10:00     Dr John van Leeuwen (Uni SA) Research for the water and other industries – outside of the square, be aware

11:00     Dr Jason Martin (waterNSW) River operations: learning lessons and taking it forward

12:00     lunch lecture: Dr Albrecht Weerts (Deltares, Netherlands) Data assimilation for local to global flood forecasting