Global Canopy Conductance

This product provides estimates of canopy conductance at a global scale (0.05⁰) based on MODIS reflectance from MCD43C4 product and three vegetation indices (NDVI, EVI and Kc). The data is produced globally at 0.05⁰ and every 8 days. Monthly and anuual climatologies are also available. (Base Period for Climatology: 2001-2011, Units: mm s-1)

The full reference for the algorithm is: Yebra, M., Van Dijk, A., Leuning, R., Huete, A., Guerschman, J.P., 2013. Evaluation of optical remote sensing to estimate actual evapotranspiration and canopy conductance. Remote Sensing of Environment. 129, 250-261 (

Data referenceMarta Yebra; Albert van Dijk; Ray Leuning; Alfredo Huete; Juan Pablo Guerschman (2012): Global Canopy Conductance (Gc). v1. CSIRO. Data Collection. doi 10.4225/08/50CFBC687E17B.

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