Making the most of natural streamflows

The Bureau now forecasts likely streamflows for the next seven days at more than 100 locations across Australia.

Our new 7-day streamflow forecasts service combines rainfall and streamflow observations with rainfall forecasts to indicate whether rivers are likely to rise or fall in the coming week. It shows whether forecast rain is sufficient to increase flow in the rivers, and how this compares to the normal flow for this time of the year.

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Screen image showing 7-day streamflow forecasts web page.


The forecasts help everyone using our rivers—especially river and reservoir managers who make decisions about the best use of the country’s water, from a water supply, agricultural and environmental perspective.

Together with other planning tools, 7-day streamflow forecasts can be used to:

    • reduce water wastage in managed irrigation systems when natural flows are expected;
    • achieve environmental outcomes, helping water managers meet high and low flow needs for rivers and wetlands;
    • provide additional information for reservoir operations;
    • support on-farm water management decisions; and
    • help recreational users plan activities such as camping, fishing and boating.

Our 7-day streamflow forecasts do not replace flood forecasts. When a flood warning is current, the 7-day streamflow forecast will include a link to the flood warning. Flood forecasts and warnings help keep our emergency services and community informed about hazardous river conditions. For more information on flood forecasting, visit

The innovative forecasting methods, tools and analysis behind the 7-day streamflow forecasts service were developed through the Water Information Research and Development Alliancebetween the Bureau and CSIRO.

Find out more about the 7-day streamflow forecasts and check out the latest forecasts

Original article posted on enGauge, Bureau of Meteorology (Link)

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