Report on CABLE workshop, 15th November 2013

by Gab Abramowitz (UNSW)

The annual face-to-face workshop for Australia’s community land surface model, CABLE, was held at Melbourne University on 15th November 2013. As well as oral presentations on a range of new developments in the CABLE community and details about recent trunk updates, discussion groups covered a range of topics, many of which overlap with OzEWEX interests:

  • CABLE evaluation across different applications e.g. LIS/WRF, ACCESS, common failings, strategies to improve CABLE
  • Land-use and disturbance (including carbon cycle)
  • Parameter estimation and data assimilation for CABLE
  • CABLE technical issues, test suites, benchmarking, datasets
  • Soil and hydrology
  • Non-vegetated tiles (urban, lakes) and wetlands

Of particular interest to OzEWEX WG2 were discussions around automated nightly builds and tests of CABLE trunk code, as well as how the benchmarking tests for acceptance of CABLE modifications might become more formalised through PALS.


More detail about the workshop can be found at the CABLE website in the CABLE News section where details about subscribing to the CABLE email list are also available.

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