The Value of Earth Observations from Space to Australia

The Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information, Geoscience Australia, CSIRO and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology have advised of the release of two significant reports that may be of interest:

The value of Earth Observations from Space to Australia, prepared by economists AcilAllen, which examines in detail the current and potential economic benefits resulting from new and emerging Earth Observations from Space (EOS) applications

Risks of Data Supply of Earth Observations from Space for Australia, prepared by Symbios communications, which examines future data availability to support applications of national significance to Australia.

The former report finds there has been significant growth in the economic benefit derived from EOS since a 2010 report on this topic, and forecasts significant growth (including in related jobs) to 2025.  

The latter report shows how important the work of CEOS is, as well as highlighting how the trend towards open data policies and longer-term programmes makes such a huge difference for investment in the applications which, ultimately, justify upstream investment.  

Both reports are available under a CC-BY license.  

For specific questions contact Dr Adam Lewis, GA CEOS Principal, Chris Penning or Jono Ross.

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