WG2 – Recent articles (December 2013)

·        Bennett, S.J., Bishop, T.F., Vervoort, R.W., 2013. Using SWAP to quantify space and time related uncertainty in deep drainage model estimates: A case study from northern NSW, Australia. Agricultural Water Management, 130: 142-153.

·        Black, D., Wallbrink, P., Jordan, P., 2014. Towards best practice implementation and application of models for analysis of water resources management scenarios. Environmental Modelling & Software, 52: 136-148.

·        Davidson, N.E. et al., 2013. ACCESS-TC: Vortex Specification, 4D-VAR Initialization, Verification and Structure Diagnostics. Monthly Weather Review(2013).

·        Dutta, D., Lerat, J., Hughes, J., Kim, S., Vaze, J., 2013. A simple storage based floodplain inundation modelling approach in AWRA-R for estimating floodplain fluxes, 20th MODSIM Congress, Adelaide, Australia, 2013.

·        Ershadi, A., McCabe, M., Evans, J., Walker, J., 2013. Effects of spatial aggregation on the multi-scale estimation of evapotranspiration. Remote Sensing of Environment, 131: 51-62.

·        Evans, J.P. et al., 2013. A regional climate modelling projection ensemble experiment – NARCliM. Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss., 6(3): 5117-5139.

·        Evans, J.P., Ji, F., Abramowitz, G., Ekström, M., 2013. Optimally choosing small ensemble members to produce robust climate simulations. Environmental Research Letters, 8(4): 044050.

·        Exbrayat, J.F., Pitman, A., Abramowitz, G., Wang, Y.P., 2013. Sensitivity of net ecosystem exchange and heterotrophic respiration to parameterization uncertainty. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.

·        Exbrayat, J.-F., Pitman, A., Zhang, Q., Abramowitz, G., Wang, Y.-P., 2013. Examining soil carbon uncertainty in a global model: response of microbial decomposition to temperature, moisture and nutrient limitation. Biogeosciences, 10(11): 7095-7108.

·        Kelley, D. et al., 2013. A comprehensive benchmarking system for evaluating global vegetation models. Biogeosciences, 10(5): 3313-3340.

·        Lu, X., Wang, Y.-P., Ziehn, T., Dai, Y., 2013. An efficient method for global parameter sensitivity analysis and its applications to the Australian community land surface model (CABLE). Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 182-183(0): 292-303.

·        McCabe, M. et al., 2013. Global-Scale Estimation of Land Surface Heat Fluxes from Space: Product Assessment and Intercomparison. Remote Sensing of Energy Fluxes and Soil Moisture Content: 249.

·        Ramchurn, A., Frost, A., 2013. Potential improvements to the Australian Water Resources Assessment system landscape (AWRA-L) model, 20th MODSIM Congress, Adelaide, Australia, 2013.

·        Rassam, D.W., Peeters, L., Pickett, T., Jolly, I., Holz, L., 2013. Accounting for surface-groundwater interactions and their uncertainty in river and groundwater models: A case study in the Namoi River, Australia. Environmental Modelling & Software, 50: 108-119.

·        Shin, M.-J., Guillaume, J.H., Croke, B.F., Jakeman, A.J., 2013. Addressing ten questions about conceptual rainfall-runoff models with global sensitivity analyses in R. Journal of Hydrology, 503: 135-152.

·        Vaze, J. et al., 2013. The Australian Water Resource Assessment System (AWRA). Proceedings of the 20th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM2013), Adelaide, Australia: 1-6.

·        Yee, M., Walker, J., Dumedah, G., Monerris, A., Rüdiger, C., 2013. Towards Land Surface Model Validation from Using Satellite Retrieved Soil Moisture, 20th MODSIM Congress, Adelaide, Australia.

·        Zhang, H. et al., 2013. Evaluating Surface Water Cycle Simulated by the Australian Community Land Surface Model (CABLE) across Different Spatial and Temporal Domains. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 14(4): 1119-1138.

·        Zhao, F., Zhang, L., Chiew, F.H., Vaze, J., Cheng, L., 2013. The effect of spatial rainfall variability on water balance modelling for south-eastern Australian catchments. Journal of Hydrology.


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