WIRADA annual research report now available

Thumbnail of WIRADA Annual Report front coversource: Bureau of Meteorology

An improved modelling system for assessing Australia’s water resources was just one of the achievements of the Water Information Research and Development Alliance (WIRADA) in 2013–14. The recently-released WIRADA annual report details how the new modelling system improved the structure of the landscape component and added new capabilities to manage local water management information such as irrigation and water extraction. The new features are ready to be integrated into the Bureau’s operational system during

The annual report highlights a range of achievements of the research partnership between the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO. Other WIRADA achievements in 2013–14 include:

  • Draft standards, tools and web services (WaterML2.0 Part 2) to describe, share and access fundamental elements of measuring water—rating tables, stream gaugings and cross-sections.
  • Added capability within the Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (Geofabric) to manage information on man-made features such as pipes and canals. New tools allow users to create and define customised sub-catchments and stream networks within the Geofabric and export files in a number of formats.
  • New methods to improve our estimates of sub-catchment rainfall—a primary requirement for better streamflow prediction and forecasts.
  • The development of a new model to generate forecast-guided stochastic scenarios (FoGSS) of monthly streamflow volumes out to 12 months.

View the 2013–14 Water Information Research and Development Alliance annual report

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