Research priorities for 2015–2020

bom_rschTargeted, high quality research and development drives advances in the quality, breadth, timeliness and utility of the Bureau’s products and services.

To reach our key science and service targets during 2015–2020 we’ve identified five research themes:

    • scientific computing;
    • Earth observing systems;
    • fundamental processes;
    • modelling and assimilation; and
    • delivery of services from science.


These themes reflect the science priorities that will ensure our systems and services continue to advance with users’ needs, as they have done for more than 100 years.

Our three main research programmes are:

    • Earth Systems Modelling;
    • Weather and Climate Information; and
    • Water Research.


We also undertake research in programme areas such as Space Weather Services and Observations and Infrastructure.

Our research programme benefits from strong national and international research partnerships, such as the Collaboration for Australian Weather and Climate Research. These partnerships improve our research capacity by sharing outputs, progress and ideas, as well as enhancing our influence in the research, standards, operational and policy communities.

Find out more about our 2015–2020 research and development priorities.

Original article posted on the Bureau of Meteorology website, November 2015 (Link)

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