Meet El Niño’s cranky uncle that could send global warming into hyperdrive

You’ve probably heard about El Niño, the climate system that brings dry and often hotter weather to Australia over summer. You might also know that climate change is likely to intensify drought conditions, which is one of the […]

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Seasonal forecasting methods can also predict shorter-term streamflow

New research shows that statistical methods developed for seasonal streamflow forecasting can also be used to predict streamflow over shorter times. Good streamflow forecasts allow water management agencies to make better decisions and achieve more efficient water use. Currently, the Australian […]

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Two types of La Niña and only one brings rain

While Australia often gets less rain during El Niño conditions, the effect of La Niña conditions is less clear cut. New research has found why. The El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is the strongest ocean-atmospheric coupled mode over the tropical Pacific Ocean, causing an inter-annual oscillation in the climate system […]

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