Drones in geoscience research: the sky is the only limit


In the digital age, our capabilities for monitoring Earth processes are dramatically increasing, offering new opportunities to observe Earth’s dynamic behavior in fields ranging from hydrology to volcanology to atmospheric sciences. The latest revolution for imaging and sampling […]

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Above and Below: Understanding River-Groundwater Exchanges


Contemporary hydrology is concerned with pressing problems that often involve the interactions between rivers and groundwater. A review article recently published in Reviews of Geophysics explored scientific advances in observing, quantifying, measuring, and predicting the characteristics and processes that occur at the […]

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The Murray Darling Basin Plan is not delivering – there’s no more time to waste


More than five years after the Murray Darling Basin Plan was implemented, it’s clear that it is not delivering on its key objectives. The Basin Plan, at its core, is about reducing the amount of water that can be extracted […]

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Which precipitation dataset should one use?


Precipitation is arguably the most important driver of the terrestrial hydrological cycle. Since most research and operational hydrological applications require precipitation data, most hydrologists have probably faced the following question: “Which precipitation dataset should I use among the […]

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