Australia, it’s time to talk about our water emergency


Dean Lewins/AAP The last bushfire season showed Australians they can no longer pretend climate change will not affect them. But there’s another climate change influence we must also face up to: increasingly scarce water on our continent. Under […]

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The state of Climate Processes Research in Australia


A report outlining the current state of climate processes research in Australia was recently put together for the National Climate Science Advisory Committee. What follows is the Executive Summary – you can read the full report here. This […]

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Why drought-busting rain depends on the tropical oceans

research pic

Recent helpful rains dampened fire grounds and gave many farmers a reason to cheer. But much of southeast Australia remains in severe drought. Australia is no stranger to drought, but the current one stands out when looking at […]

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New hydromorphological dynamics dataset for all Australian river reaches

Figure 1 Maximum (a) and minimum (b) river width across Australia; 218 river regions delineated in grey in (b).

Hydromorphological attributes such as river width, flow regime, water extent and gradient provide fundamental information for understanding river hydrological, biogeochemical and ecological processes in floodplain-river systems, identifying flooding-prone areas, assessing river conveyance capacity, estimating river depth and discharge, […]

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