Can cities get smarter about extreme weather?


Remember the movie “Moneyball”? The Oakland A’s are struggling, financially and on the baseball field. Then they introduce an innovative system for figuring out which players will improve team performance. Moving away from observations by scouts, the A’s begin […]

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Why we need a new model for simulating rainfall


Rainfall predictions are extremely important to estimating flood risk. This month, news headlines have repeatedly reported floods and wild weather. June has seen the east coast of mainland Australia and Tasmania hit by storms causing significant flood damage. At the time of writing, flood warnings are […]

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Mapping groundwater-dependent ecosystems


The Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Atlas (GDE Atlas) now includes new regional-scale mapping for parts of New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. The web application also has a fresh look with new functionality including powerful searches and new […]

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Seven things you didn’t know about farm dams


Did you know that there are 7 things about farm dams that people often overlook? 1 – Farm dams are important for economic growth Farm dams play a critical role in agriculture worldwide.  They provide secure annual water supply for consumptive purposes including irrigation, […]

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