Meet El Niño’s cranky uncle that could send global warming into hyperdrive

You’ve probably heard about El Niño, the climate system that brings dry and often hotter weather to Australia over summer. You might also know that climate change is likely to intensify drought conditions, which is one of the […]

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The Industrial Revolution kick-started global warming much earlier than we realised

In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, no one would have thought that their burning of fossil fuels would have an almost immediate effect on the climate. But our new study, published today in Nature, reveals that […]

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Was Tasmania’s summer of fires and floods a glimpse of its climate future?

Drought, fires, floods, marine heatwaves – Tasmania has had a tough time this summer. These events damaged its natural environment, including world heritage forests and alpine areas, and affected homes, businesses and energy security. In past decades, climate-related […]

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